Practice makes perfect

How it works

MT4 Trading Simulator Pro is an Expert Advisor, which can be run in MT4's Strategy Tester. It turns normal backtesting into a Forex simulation. It allows you to replay the market and trade manually using historical data. Trading historical data saves a lot of time compared to live demo trading, because you can control the speed of the simulation. Therefore you can utilize your time in the best possible way.

Use existing software

You can use all your favourite MT4 custom indicators with MT4 Trading Simulator Pro. You can draw trend lines and place other objects on the chart. You can use chart templates. With our trading simulation software you can utilize whole existing MT4 environment.

Control the time

You can start the simulation from any day you like. You can speed it up, slow it down or pause it at any time.


Watch other timeframes while trading. You can also attach your favourite indicators to every timeframe.

Lots of useful features

Market and pending orders

Visual trading

SL and TP

Trailing stop

Automatic Break-even

OCO pending orders

Risk-based position sizing

Partial closing


Free demo

Download free demo version and see how it works. No risk involved.

Download / Buy

Visit MT4 Trading Simulator Pro website


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